Beauty of Friendship

I can’t say I know their story or can’t even tell you how they met for that fact, What I do know is that they are bound by something greater than them.
Its an amazing thing when we can all put our differences aside and unite.
I had the opportunity and pleasure to photograph their unconventional but amazing portrait session this July 2015.

Ester Gomes Garcia had this to write:

We are three girls, who are very different from each other.

But that’s the beauty of friendship, we put our differences aside to be together and focus on the things that are similar. It’s like making conversations with a stranger, I’m someone who I like making friends, so I automatically will look for a conversation starter. The more you find out you have in common with someone, the differences don’t really seem to matter. This is us, we are three girls, who were brought up in different states, we each seek different types of education, we each like different things, but what we have in common is our love for God. We each also have the desire to see something greater than ourselves happen. We eager to help others, to be the good where there is none. We desire to be the light in the darkness, and be contagious so other lights also would light up.

We share our stories because we know God is still at work within us. No one is perfect, so He molds us like clay in his hands until we reach perfection.

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